We help 6-7 figure entrepreneurs in over-crowded markets double their sales by differentiating themselves as true authorities, first, and then selling.

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  • Are you a 6-figure entrepreneur stuck on the treadmill of trying your hardest to breakthrough to 7 figures?

  • Or, are you a 7-figure entrepreneur who is at risk due to over-dependence on one channel of traffic (Amazon for ecom sales, Facebook ads for coaching programs, or SAAS sales?)

If this is you, we can help.

How Is Our Approach Different?

Contrary to the current trend of chasing fast sales with hyped up webinars or manipulative tactics, we have long believed that entrepreneurs can establish more stable and profitable businesses by rising above the fray and establishing themselves as true authorities in their niches.  

There are 3 reasons we believe that the best way to be successful online is to establish yourself as an authority:

  • It costs less to convert prospects to a lead.

When you develop a relationship with someone earlier in their buying process, you preempt the fray. This applies to not only ecommerce businesses but also to other cut-throat niches where all the promises sound the same (like weight loss, online marketing, coaching, etc.). Competing with bigger players for the “hot” leads is expensive. So, jump in front of them and seize the relationships sooner. They won’t even hunt for other solutions, because they trust and believe YOU.

  • Your Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer increases, immediately.

They listen to your recommendations and buy more. If you establish yourself as an authority, rather than just one of many sound-alike-sellers, people will buy anything you recommend.

  • You keep them as customers longer.

Since your marketing costs are less and your LTV is higher, you can actually spend more on really helping your customers. You bond. Your retain them. This is a win-win.

Okay, But How Do You Establish “True Authority”?

Great question!

Well, with great content, of course! We believe in developing great content that helps our prospects better understand how to solve their problems. We are less about trying to wow them with fake promises. We don’t believe in pressuring them with fake scarcity. We DO believe in confidently sharing quality information, and in being ourselves. With this approach, we find that when prospects are ready to buy, the are really ready. We don’t have to gear ourselves up for high pressure sales calls (which is a good thing because we suck at that!)

1. But, how do you know what content to develop?

2. How do you know how often to develop it?

3. How do you get it seen?

These are the crucial questions, and our system provides not only the answers, but a proven process for making it happen.