CEO & Founder

Expert Everywhere is the brainchild of Becky DeGrossa, who has been contributing to the world of online marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses since 2007.

After earning a degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly and spending 20 years at IBM, Becky pursued a Master’s in Psychology and became a successful therapist. Now she combines her technical, marketing, and psychology backgrounds to serve the entrepreneurial community. Becky has helped hundreds of businesses master the fine art of developing quality content and a stellar digital presence. Becky is a “process nerd” meaning that she LOVES learning new processes, testing these new processes out to see if they work, tweaking them so they function better and then systematizing these processes so they can be implemented and applied as many times as needed.

This predilection for developing, testing and fine tuning processes has resulted in efficiencies that range from yes, the loading/unloading of the silverware basket in her dishwasher to rapid increases in marketing effectiveness for her clients.

In her spare time, Becky loves hanging out with two-year-olds, reading good novels, and listening to thought leaders while on the beach in Maui.

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