Google Adwords – Running Ads Made Easy

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Google Adwords campaigns make or break a business. Used effectively, they’re an enormous boon to your bottom line thanks to an influx of potential clients. Used poorly and your bank account is drained.

Luckily, there is a formula to make Ads work: an effective, time-proven strategy honed over the last decade running Adwords campaigns.

The Art of Google Adwords

Adwords is a bit of an art form. It takes some time to hone your skill with the brush and easel, but once you’ve learned how to manipulate the canvas it becomes second-nature. And then running Ads is like turning on a faucet.

Run ads whenever you need clients. Turn it off whenever you’re booked.

Specialty Pages

To make Adwords effective you need to be pointing your Ads at the right pages on your website. We call these Specialty Pages.

If you sell raw food for cats, and you’re running an ad for raw food, don’t point that ad to your homepage! Point it to the page where customers see and purchase the cat food. The fewer hoops people have to jump through the more likely they are to convert and buy.

Always deliver potential clients what they want.

You can learn all about our specialty page process over at our writing section.

Why Some Campaigns Fizzle Out

We’ll let you in on a secret. Over the years we’ve learned that there are three major reasons Google Adwords campaigns fail. Ask yourself if any of them apply to you and your business.

  1. The business created their own Adwords campaign, or a friend said it would be easy to set up a campaign. Being computer literate doesn’t make someone is Adwords-literate.
  2. They relied on Google support. Bravo, we’re impressed if this applies to you and you managed to get through to Google support. The problem with Google is that if you ask the same question to 10 different employees you’ll get 10 different results.
  3. The business used Adwords Express (now just “Express”). While Google tried to simplify the process with Express, they took away needed controls to make a campaign work.

What happens is businesses spend a ton of money, get no results, call the whole process snake oil and walk away for good. We don’t blame them. Adwords ended up being a waste of time and resources with no results.

To make it work you have to cultivate expertise. Either your own or rely on the experts to serve an Adwords campaign for you that will start drawing in the right clients immediately.

The Three Rules of Effective Adwords Campaigns

Just like there are three flaws to poor campaigns, there are three rules of effective campaigns.

Again, we’re spilling the beans. Take the lesson and run if you like.

1. Create Great Target Pages.

These are the specialty pages we talked about above. Most businesses have terrible websites. No wonder people click and the ad and bounce.

They don’t send their ads to the content people expect when they click the ad.

Create high-quality pages that meet your potential customer’s expectations. Then run the proper ad to that page. It’s that simple.

2. Set Up A High-Quality Campaign

Yes, this one sounds redundant but it’s not—promise.

Don’t guess when setting up your Adwords campaign. Make sure your ads are running to specific pages, the ones you want potential customers to click into.

And don’t forget to include an all-encompassing list of negative keywords when setting up your campaign!

3. Fine Tune

This is the one nobody wants to hear. After setting up an Adwords campaign you have to monitor the results and tune the dials.

Pay attention to what happens and adjust as needed. Almost every campaign needs some after-the-fact management to improve its results. You may learn that you’ve included keywords no one ever types. Take them out!

Attention and tuning: two keywords that take an Adwords campaign from good to great.

Plant Yourself in People’s Minds

Google Adwords is one of the most effective means of getting your business out to people who want to engage it. Google’s real estate for ads is prime territory. It’s typically the first results potential customers see when they Google anything.

It’s also one part of the perfect trifecta for digital presence. Imagine your business on Google Ads, at the top of the Maps Pack listing, and sitting healthy on the first page of Google. Triple presence convinces people that your business is the one they’ve been looking for.

If you’re ready to give Google Adwords a whirl or want to talk about your current campaign, give us a call.