About Ultimate Guides

  • Do you wonder how you can fully establish yourself, online, as the expert that you are?
  • Are you struggling to attract more people to your business?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the complex process of climbing page rankings on search engines such as Google?
  • You’re an expert in your industry but how do you prove to the world that you have the expertise they can trust?

It can be frustrating to be an established entrepreneur but be unable to increase your reach. The whole process should be easier, right? Especially since you have a product or service that can help people, and a unique expertise when compared to your rivals. If only you could show your potential clients that you have the information they want, and the credibility they can trust.

But unimpressive competitors sit on Google like unshakeable titans, getting all the traffic that you should get. It seems like an impossible undertaking to overthrow them. You’re already a busy entrepreneur with far too many tasks to stay on top of as is. There’s simply not enough time in the day to figure out the perfect engine that will rocket your business to the top. You try one approach, and when that doesn’t work you move on to another one, and then another. It never seems to end.  

If you could only get more eyes on your offerings and make more sales, life would be great. The question becomes, “how can I share what I know with the rest of the world—without the headache?”  

Most Entrepreneurs Struggle To Market Themselves Successfully in More Than One Channel

What you’re experiencing isn’t unusual. In fact, it’s all too common. Most entrepreneurs who reach 7-figures do it mainly via one channel.  They know that there’s an audience out there that is 10 times the size they are reaching, but they can’t figure out how to find them… They’re not able to take their business to the next level. How could they? There is no fast solution. Establishing a solid digital foundation to stand on takes a lot of work, attention, and care to develop and implement.

Not mastering other traffic channels can be a huge mistake entrepreneurs that want to keep growing.  Harvard Business Review found that “digital share” is an extremely strong predictor of revenue growth. It’s a prime indicator of long-term success. What your business needs is a solution from experts who can help you increase your digital share.

Even with the meteoric rise of Facebook and other social media channels, Google’s domination of online search is unquestionable.According to the data firm Moz securing a spot on Google opens up “20X more traffic opportunity than PPC [paying for clicks] on both mobile and desktop.” They further found that Google alone is handling more than 2 trillion searches each year. It’s an extraordinary number of online searches. And you can be part of it with the right strategy.  

Grabbing Part of the Huge Google Pie Begins with Ultimate Guides

Every business that wants to thrive online has to incorporate an effective strategy. One that grows with their business. One strategy is what’s called an “Ultimate Guide.” The word ultimate is perfectly apropos because these guides are the best imaginable tactic for getting your business in the eyes of potential clients who count.

What exactly is an Ultimate Guide?

An Ultimate Guide is a detailed article covering every aspect of a subject related to your business. For example, a business that revolves around the ketogenic diet may feature an Ultimate Guide that explains everything there is to know about the “ketogenic diet.” That would mean information about nutrition, the diet’s history, the application of the ketogenic diet in medicine, etc. Yes, we’re talking about a very long, detailed, and interesting piece of content. The kind of honest and insightful content writing that not only serves readers and clients but Google and the internet infrastructure as well.

The point is, Ultimate Guides are a great way to claim your expert status online. Remember, history has shown that no monopoly is too big to be broken by an intelligent and effective strategy. The trick is to look beyond vehicles such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to spread the word. Both of the former have upper limits that hurt your wallet and fail to attract long-term organic traffic. What you want is a persistent online presence that will deliver continuous traffic from the behemoth called Google, and it’s possible thanks to Ultimate Guides.   

While over a decade of experience has turned us into digital marketing wizards,that doesn’t mean we conceal our spells. We want you to understand the secrets of effective content writing and exactly how the Ultimate Guide will affect your business. Transparency is our cornerstone. From practicing the Ultimate Guide strategy we’ve learned that the key that turns your business’ presence into expert status is open communication.

We pride ourselves on our patience to translate seemingly convoluted internet lingo into simple terms that make sense. What you get from us is a clear vision of the path that will take you forward.  We lay it all out. That means understanding who your digital competition is and where you stand in relation to them. Don’t worry! We’ll get you to a point where you can finally wave goodbye to them in the rearview mirror.

Now, we’ve got to talk the nitty-gritty. Ultimate Guides are valuable sources of information but how does that help your business?

The point of Ultimate Guides is to establish your credibility as an expert in your field of interest. Think of Ultimate Guides as the college textbooks of your business. You know your stuff and you want to strut it so that the world knows you have authority. Anybody who reads the Ultimate Guide is going to immediately know that you’re an expert (or professor of your school of thought). That means somebody who can be trusted as a source of knowledge.

But Ultimate Guides do much more than just paint a picture of your expertise.

Here’s how Ultimate Guides are really effective. The Ultimate Guide is what’s called a skyscraper post: a towering piece of content writing with lots of information. Now the way the internet works is that other websites want to link to long, honest, articles with authority; they want a piece of the real estate in the skyscraper post. Doing so increase their own online visibility. The more websites that link to your page, the higher your website climbs on Google’s search results. It’s a reciprocal process.

With enough links, your website will sit on the first page of Google, and that means people are going to be clicking on it, and purchasing your product or service. 

It’s that simple. After all, websites on the first page of Google receive the vast majority of online traffic when compared to their competitors on pages two and beyond.

Of course, a single Ultimate Guide alone is not a one-trick solution that will work miracles for your business. It’s a working process. You’ll see results, but shooting for the moon typically requires multiple Ultimate Guides. That way you not only increase your status as an expert in your niche but also open up more opportunities for backlinking. Think of Ultimate Guides as a vehicle within a vehicle for increasing your exposure and reach. You have to make sure to keep it gassed up or you won’t get very far at all.

You may have some questions regarding Ultimate Guides…

What can I say that’s original?

Yes, there are a lot of other experts out there featuring articles covering the same ideas for a similar type of business as your own. There’s no doubt about it. With the advent of digital media, nearly every type of content writing has been explored.  

But, saying something original isn’t as important as restating what’s already been said in an articulate and well-executed manner. It’s not what you say that’s important, but how you say it. Content writing that’s entertaining, organized, and insightful is what gains traction on the web, and happens to be our specialty thanks to our team of writers. The point is, your Ultimate Guide doesn’t need to feature original ideas. It only needs to be thorough and well executed.   

The Ultimate Guide doesn’t agree with my brand.

We understand that Ultimate Guides may not be part of the image you’ve been creating for yourself on the web. Maybe you communicate in short blog posts, covering narrow topics. Maybe you only feature content writing that discusses your business itself.

But here’s the thing. If you’re only focusing on your product you’re not positioning yourself as an expert. You’re just another sales-person. And most potential customers are going to shut the door in your face or block your number. In the digital world, they’ll blacklist your website in their minds.

What people seek today in their products is humanity: a person behind the counter who is a knowledgeable resource. An authority on their topic. When we buy things, even from a salesperson at the local department store, we want to work with customer service agents who know their stuff so well they can answer our questions before we’ve even thought of them.

Ultimate guides are ultimately about a perceptual shift. They turn you from a “me too” person into an expert! We want to shift the way you’re categorized in the eyes of your audience—to a higher, more reliable shelf. Somebody who knows their stuff like an X-ray: inside and out.

What if I’m not expert enough?

Not knowing if you’re expert enough is a humbling question to have. It shows a healthy degree of self-reflection. But, it’s not one to worry about! Anybody can be an expert in the information age. Learning a subject is no longer locked in the halls of academia; anybody can learn if they have the dedication and perseverance. Think back to when that idea for your business first germinated? Did you know everything? Of course not!

Everybody starts their journey towards expertise with that very first search result. They’re not established gurus from the get-go. If that was the case, nobody would ever start. All you need is to have a passion for your product and commitment to your vision. We take care of the rest. And soon, when somebody else is hungry to become an expert, it’s your Ultimate Guide they’ll be reading to learn from.  

Who is Going to Read Something That Long?

The easy answer is… anyone who’s interested. Remember, people who land on an Ultimate Guide are typically enthusiastic about the topic—or at the very least interested. And anybody who reaches the end of the Ultimate Guide is likely to contact you because they’ll be impressed by the thoroughness of the knowledge presented.  

Of course, this doesn’t capture the average person. Most people read online the same way people used to read the paper: they skim. When they stumble upon your Ultimate Guide they’ll skim for tidbits of information that stand out to them. And using our skyscraper technique we make sure to include many interesting pieces of architecture like images, headers, and textual cues. Once a reader is enticed they stop skimming and are likely to read on. They may even become captivated by the entire guide.

At the same time, we have to remember that Ultimate Guides aren’t just written for people. That’s right! They’re also written for Google’s algorithms. In a sense, Ultimate Guides are written for machines.

Once Google, or any search engine for that matter, sees that you’ve written an Ultimate Guide it will automatically bump your websites ranking for its search results. Because it’s a hefty chunk of great content writing. And Google wants to promote great content. Doing so makes a search engine like Google look good. Afterall, if people didn’t find reliable information through a search engine nobody would use it. Well, the Ultimate Guide is written to ensure that your business has that great content Google wants to direct curious people to.  

Ultimate Guides Work

“I LOVE it! It’s exactly the right tone. Optimistic without being promotional, well researched, approachable… I’m very, very pleased. 🙂 “

~ CJ de Heer

“Awesome job on this ! We love it 🙂 “

~ Bethany Gonzalez

“Please give my compliments to the author! This was very well written! “

~ Alex Dee

“First of all … this is an amazing article! It feels like you put a ton of effort into it to learn our world.”

~ Chris “The Idea Guy”

“Tyler has really blown me away with his ability to capture our tone of voice and articulate what we have done for years with the practice. He is wonderful and personable and makes it really easy to share with him our process. He also has been incredibly timely. I have truly enjoyed working with him.”

~ Lisa Orbe-Austin

“I am extremely happy with the changes! I can already see myself climbing up in the google rankings AND got a call from a new client last night who saw my website and said she could truly relate to what I wrote! Amazing!”

~ Liz Morrison

Positioning yourself as an expert is no click of a button.

Like your business, effective digital marketing requires years of knowledge and the honing of a particular set of skills. And through years of immersing ourselves in digital marketing we’ve found a strategy that works. We’re proud to say we’ve honed our own expertise. And we want to share that expertise with you. To give your business a sound structure that will make it stand out from the competition and serve as real estate that other websites will want to link to and share with their audiences.